Organic Oolong

Organic Oolong

This amazing tea has several unique properties:

1- weight loss and weight management.

Polyphenol that can be found in Oolong tea increases the metabolism rate and also make body natural fat more available for burning making this tea a natural and yet effective way in weight loss. Any combination of this tea with diet or exercise can make it even more effective in weight management.

2- Removal of free radical

3- Healthy skin

4- Atopic dermatitis

5-Healthy bones

6-Better diabetic control

8- Anti cancer properties

9- Stress management

10- Mental performance and health

This tea is widely used in Chinese medicine and alternative medicine. Word of caution would be on people with high blood pressure, which it needs to be taken with close control of level of blood pressure. It is brewed as usual tea. Organic form of tea can be used several times a day before disposing which gives it a great advantage to other types of Oolong tea.



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