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Dr. Mehrshad Mahmoudi

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Looking for healthcare that goes beyond just medicines?

You have come to the right place! Welcome to my comprehensive medical website which will give you the right information you need to manage your health and well-being in a simple way.

About us:

I am Dr. Mehrshad Mahmoudi and have 17 years of experience as a family physician and acupuncturist. I have been working in Lloydminster since 2014 serving the community. Zahra Khodaei, my wife, is also a family physician graduated in 2001 with special interest in cosmetics and weight loss. Her tremendous experience provides us a good source of information regarding newest methods of treatment available in the field cosmetics and weight loss.

We believe that medicines go only a short distance in treating your health concerns. What’s equally important for your overall well-being is the comfort and the rapport you share with your family physician. It is our mission to empower you with the right information you need about your health concerns so that you can enjoy all-round physical and mental well-being.

Depending on your convenience, you can visit me at AVA Cosmetic and weight loss Clinic for Cosmetic and weight loss management or  World of Yonge medical clinic for family practice concerns. In either case, you are assured:

The highest level of care and individualized attention

Short waiting times

Availability after hours

Saturday service

You can also find on our website, other up to date information on a wide range of health topics and products like medicinal tea. Browse through the following sections to get the latest information on all your health concerns:

Cosmetics: Skin health information including Botox, fillers, surgical interventions, and topical products.

Weight Loss: Medical and non-medical ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy body shape.

Women’s health: The various concerns that women face including abuse, psychiatric issues, pregnancy, contraception, dieting, and childbirth are explained in detail.

Children’s health: Developmental issues, growing up, vaccinations, flu and common infections in childhood, nutrition and activity that can help the child to grow into a responsible and healthy adult.

Health products: A range of healthy organic tea mixes are available including slimming Oolong. The tea mixes have specific medicinal properties and help in building your immunity and enhancing your overall health. You can also find more information regarding other natural and organic products beneficial to your health.

General health: All other topics including elderly health, endocrinology, surgery, internal medicine, cardiovascular and all other branches of health are explained in this section.

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