Learn Valuable Cosmetic Techniques With Our Educational Programs


Basic and Advanced Botox and Filler Courses

Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers dominate the cosmetic industry for their effectiveness in smoothing fine lines, lesions, and scarring in the face while giving it the volume it needs to appear youthful. These injectable procedures are safe, non-invasive options for clients to feel rejuvenated and beautiful.

We will share all the necessary details and guidance to help you administer Botox variations and dermal fillers to your clientele while meeting all safety and health regulations. We will teach you the techniques of facial injections to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

Our courses include:

  • Learning the facial skin and muscle anatomy and injection sites according to your patient needs
  • Assessing where your client needs injections and what products are best for them
  • Mandatory information to disclose, consent requirements, and after-procedure care
  • Record-keeping requirements and evaluation of post-injection results
  • Solutions to adverse side effects that may occur

Within a short period, you will have the training required to safely and effectively serve these high-demand products at your clinic.


Microneedling, Mesotherapy, and PRP Therapy Courses

These services are safe cosmetic methods that stimulate natural cell functioning so the body can without requiring artificial substances. They will leave clients with plump, refreshed skin that looks natural.

In our courses, you will learn the specific techniques to promote natural skin regeneration through these services:

  • Microneedling: Without needing chemicals or laser treatments, microneedling causes little damage and supports natural collagen production.
  • Mesotherapy: This involves tiny metabolite injections beneath the skin to promote blood circulation, which will break down lumpy skin and smooth the complexion.
  • PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: From your patient’s blood sample, you will separate the platelets and inject them to promote skin production and naturally beautiful volume, and healthy-looking skin.

We will provide the education and supervision in a short amount of time to help you master these services so you can administer them to your clients.


IV Nutrition Therapy Courses

Clients favor IV (intravenous) nutrition therapy for efficiently providing them with the nutrients they need for improved health and functioning. Vitamins and minerals are delivered straight to the blood-stream for fast, effective impact. These IV nutrition formulas can offer cosmetic benefits.

We will inform you about the best IV formulas for your patients’ aesthetic needs. These courses are intended for certified professionals with injection rights. By learning the best recipes to offer your clients and administering the IV treatment, you will be able to serve this modern cosmetic technique.


Belkyra Courses

Belkyra injections will reduce and tighten loose skin for improved facial contouring. Belkyra injections require multiple sessions as they gradually dissolve fat cells to give your clients sharp, beautiful angles, especially around the chin.

We will educate you on the Belkyra product, how it impacts the cells, and why it’s the best solution for facial contouring. You will also learn how to:

  • Assess a patient’s cosmetic needs and whether this is the ideal treatment for them
  • Inform your patient of treatment details and receive their consent
  • Prepare and administer this treatment
  • Locate injection sites and use appropriate injection techniques
  • Manage possible side effects
  • Recommend post-treatment care


To enroll or learn more about our cosmetic courses, contact us today.

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